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I travel a lot to New York for business but very seldom have the opportunity to enjoy the “tourist” things that others do.  Too often, my trips are quick up-in-the-morning and back-in-the-evening to DC – a one-day turnaround.  Occasionally, I stay overnight but not very often.

This year, during the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day, however, Chris, the kids and I went to New York for a week without work.  It was that rare time of the year when the emails are slow and the office is all but closed.  That gave us the chance to really see New York, and enjoy the places we know we love – The Modern, MOMA, Candle 79, and the Strand – as well as some places that the kids were interested in – Dylan’s Candy Bar, Forbidden Planet, the Lego store, dim sum in Chinatown, and the Whitney (yes, the kids were keen to see the Whitney, especially the Frank Stella exhibit).

Chris is a big foodie, as is one of the boys, so food was a major focus – Junoon is a terrific Indian place that we tried on a previous trip and loved, so we returned for another meal.  Dirty French and Serafina were new to us – and those were hits as well.  Of course, there was the absolute must of dining out in New York – hot dogs on the street – followed by the absolutely must of dining in – Chinese food delivery on New Year’s Eve in the hotel to avoid the craziness of Times Square and also to maximize our viewing in front of the TV for the Cotton Bowl.

A few pictures below – courtesy of Chris – that capture a wonderful week.

– Laura Flippin

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Hello fellow travelers! As you may remember, I recently traveled to New York City for New Year’s eve. Here are a few pictures I snapped (and more to come!):




New York, New York

Chris and I have strategized and planned, schemed and leveraged, and we’ve finally done it – managed to collect points and miles so that he and the kids and I can go to New York for fun for the week after Christmas and before the New Year.

We know, of course, a lot of things that we want to see – and teenagers are interested in seeing a lot of things that adults are as well, which makes it easier to plan in some respects. On our list: the 9/11 memorial; MOMA; some great restaurants to tempt our foodie palates; definitely a play or a musical or both; and some shopping at the Strand and a few other favorites.

A question for dear readers, however, as one issue has stymied us – what should we do for New Year’s Eve? We are staying in Midtown but are firmly against going to Times Square or any other crazy, crowded places that night. We’ve talked about ice skating but I’m not keen on that, and not sure that Rockefeller Center won’t be a nightmare of people queued up for skating too. Going to dinner early, or even ordering Chinese food into the hotel (see my 2014 blog post for more details on why that is one of my favorite NY experiences) and watching movies in the room is something we have talked about. But are we missing something?

Keep in mind anything outdoors is likely to be cold – if not snowy and slushy – at this time of year. And that all four of us like history, great music, and cool art – if any of that inspires you with ideas. Wait, maybe the King Cole Bar at the St. Regis is calling us . . . .

– Laura Flippin

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